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Wednesday, 11 July 2012

What a fabulous idea!

The blog includes regular updates on what it takes to put together a show like this and helpful GYO factsheets to grow these ingredients at home. From ginger and turmeric to lemongrass and curry leaves there is something to tickle everyone’s tastebuds as well as a host of easy recipes to use the harvested ingredients.

RHS article here:

Article in the Times (subscription required) here:

Key point: the produce is high price/ high margin on the market therefore potentially could make for the creation of great local businesses.

  • Community: lot's of people love curry, so good for growing, cooking, socialising......
  • Learning: There are key skills and resources which need to be brought together; so lot's of opportunity to acquire and propagate this knowledge for more people.
  • Business: Potential for local people to take the Community & Learning and combine this with business skills to create new local businesses; AND then supply the local market: individuals, shops, restaurants, canteens, school meals etc.

Would be great to see people and growers in North Hampshire producing local ingredients here.

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