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Incredible Edible North Hampshire (IE-NH) is a group of local volunteers who are sharing responsibility to create more resilient, vibrant and cohesive communities in North Hampshire through encouraging the production and sourcing of local food.

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Sunday, 28 October 2012

Next meeting is on Thursday 8th November @ 7.30pm.

A reminder that the next meeting is on Thursday 8th November @ 7.30pm.

Key agenda items will include:

Update of Council Meeting
- Orchard
- Southern Road
- Chute House

Multi-Cultural Forum @ Chute House

Sovereign Kingfisher - 1st Project

Bank Account / Insurance

Fund Raising

If there are items you wish to add, please shout.

The formal agenda will be sent out once feedback is in.

Please confirm if you plan to attend so we can ensure we have the right venue.

Kind Regards