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Monday, 18 March 2013

Basingstoke Community Orchard Planting Day

It with great frustration that we shall need to cancel the Community Orchard Planting Session we have planned for tomorrow (Sunday 24th) due to the weather conditions:

1) If the snow does not melt we will not be able to see the red markings for the tree locations, more light snow is expected in the early hours of Sunday.
2) Whether it melts or not the ground will be sodden
3) Temperatures forecast at a high of 0C, but with a stiff wind of 17 - 18 mph it will feel like -5C

May I ask that you forward this as appropriate?

Going forward this coming week temperatures are forecast to stay low through Wednesday, rising Thursday through the Easter weekend.

1) This coming week: we plan to organise some smaller sessions at short notice to get a few trees in. Short notice will mean if it looks good that day we will inform volunteers in the morning for a session the same afternoon. If you wish to participate in any of the sessions please let me have a mobile number I can notify you by as we shall confirm by TXT message.

2) Many people will have holidays and family commitments over the holiday weekend. But we have decided to canvass everyone to determine which might be the best day over the holiday weekend to schedule a larger planting session. Which days (Friday 29th through Monday 1st) could you be available?

We have had great interest and support for which we thank you.

Hoping you can join us to get the rest of the trees planted,

Sunday, 17 March 2013

First of all a big thank-you to all the people who turned out today despite the torrential rain and who were still keen to get planting.

I am really sorry we had to take the decision to postpone the planting to another day, but as the morning progressed the conditions on site were getting steadily worse and the Met Office Radar showed a steady succession of further bad weather lining up to hit us.

We will confirm the new planting day shortly.

The site plan, tree list and latest photos are up on the web site at

Kind Regards

Bob & Steve